Hardcore Server

When your character dies, your current job drops down to level 1!

No Power Leveling

Casting cures, protects, shells, ~nas, and hastes will not work on PCs outside of your Alliance!

Level 75 Cap

Aurora will always be a level 75 capped server!

The Basics

Welcome to the Final Fantasy XI Hardcore Server Aurora! This is a forever 75 capped server with a twist, when a character dies the current job you are playing as will delevel back to 1. There is a job specific Releveling Bonus in place to make deaths a little less painful.

Server IP to connect to Aurora: ffxi.aurorahcs.com

The hairpin command will be needed.

PLEASE SUPPORT RETAIL with an active subscription. You can download the game from here. If you need help logging on to Aurora please go here. If that doesn’t do the trick please ask for help in our Discord.

If you find an exploit/bug please report it in the correct discord channel so it can be fixed.

Lets all Play Fair!

There is ZERO tolerance for cheating. This includes bugs, exploits and third party applications. Basic Windower or Ashita plugins are acceptable: Party TP, Recast Timers, Distance, etc. A basic rule of thumb for addons and plugins: If it only displays something to make life easier its probably okay, anything that automates gameplay will not be tolerated, Gearswaping is the ONLY exception to this.

No dual boxing! Only one character online at a time per person. Mules are okay but Inventory should not be an issue as all ‘extra’ inventory options are working (satchel, sack, case, wardrobes1-4).

Server Settings

Most settings can be found here or here, but a few important ones will be listed below:

Level Cap: 75

EXP Rate: 1.0x but see our EXP Page.

Expansions: All but see Custom Content.

Movement: 40

Homepoint Teleports: Enabled, but Homepoints are only in towns. Chocobos also run SUPER fast!

Level Sync: Activated with a maximum 25 level gap.

FoV/GoV: Enabled with 20% EXP/Gil rewards.

Fame: 0.25 (2005 Values)

Spell MP Costs: Spells cost 2005 value MP even though it is not listed as such (displaying is a .dat issue not server side)

Power Leveling: Disabled, Cure/Haste/~nas/Pro/Shell will not target a PC outside of your alliance.