Life and Death!

When you die, your current main job goes back to level one! There is a Relevel Bonus to make this penalty a little less severe. There are also slight bonuses to Party Share and EXP chains. To learn everything about EXP on Aurora please go our EXP page.

There are many concerns with a Hardcore Server when mobs can cast Death and Doom. Cursna, Holy Waters, and Hallowed Water will always cure the Doom status effect. Death Effects are also in the works to becoming Doom effects! Enemies’ Astral Flows and other high damage AoE spells are being considered for a damage decrease.

Auction House

Players may place an unlimited number of items on the Auction House like other private servers! This is great for the economy, the only downside is taking things off to reprice or use can be a pain to cycle through. We are thinking about ways to deal with this, such as in game GM command for all players that will remove an item from the AH if a player has one on there.


All Expansions are currently enabled except for Rhapsodies of Vana’diel! Unfortunately, the Darkstar project is not yet at a point where all the content is available. Original, Zilart and Promathia content is close to 100% complete. Aht Urhgan is a work in progress with a lot of it working. Anything else is for the most part, not implemented. This includes WotG, Abyssea, Voidwatch, Audolin. As the Darkstar project gets updates and more content, so will Aurora. Please see this Post on the forum for a list of what works and what doesn’t.

But wait, why do you mention Abyssea, Voidwatch and Audolin if this is a 75 capped server? Well… Once the content is working we plan to balance the content for level 75 players on Aurora. This means lowering monster levels, changing monster spells/abilities and balancing item stats for a level 75 experience. The only caveat is that the equipment will be funky to equip without editing DATs. It will display its original stats and can’t be manually equipped, you will need to equip them with gearsets.

Notorious Monsters

NMs like Leaping Lizzy and Valkrum Emperor will drop their original RA/EX drops. Land Kings are also on their original Timed Spawns. Abyssea, VW, Audolin and other Content designed for players over level 75 is also being looked at so 75 players can enjoy the challenge and collect that treasure.

There are some Custom NMs on the Server. On their corresponding day of the week in game, the Avatar Primes will appear in a Field area. They are all level 50 and drop Elemental Ores at a 10% drop rate (20% for Light/Dark). They also despawn when the game day ends. Ask in game or on Discord for more inormation. An Elemental ore can also be obtained from the 6 main high level Avatar Prime fights once a week by choosing 10,000 gil as a reward.

There is also a set of custom NMs that drop the BCNM only scrolls. These are all level 40, have a 10% drop rate and 24 hour respawn. Ask in game or on the Discord for more information on these!

To Do List

With the inclusion of content above level 75 balanced for level 75, some of the abilities, weaponskills and spells will be available at level 75. This is still in the planning stage but when announced the list will go here.

Lists of Re-balanced 76+ for level 75 equipment will posted on the Forum.